Feb 24, 2017

6: Oliver Lemke

Oliver Lemke is the singer of Soft Deadlines, an art-rock band from Phoenix AZ. Their new album, "Go Dark" is available now.


Feb 17, 2017

#5: Good Grief & Austin Cooper

Good Grief is an emo 2 piece from "East Mesa" AZ, consisting of Drummer Curt Bryan and Guitar/Vocalist Cameron Graves. Austin Cooper is the drummer for Phantom Party as well as frontman of The Calm Decomposed.


Feb 11, 2017

#4: Anthony Fama

Anthony Fama is the singer/songwriter of The Redemptions and formerly of Doctor Bones. 


Feb 3, 2017

#3: Eric Hirsch - The Apaches/Analog Sun

The Apaches is a surf rock band from Phoenix AZ, and behind it is Eric Hirsch, who is also responsible for the analog synth-wave project, Analog Sun. 


Jan 26, 2017

#2: Sunlaand

Sunlaand is a Beach Goth band from Phoenix AZ made up of Sara Windom, James Hoag and Michael Chmura. This is a band I've been a giant fan of for quite awhile now and I'm so stoked to have been able to hang out with them! 


Jan 22, 2017

#1: Josh Capati - Phantom Party

In the inaugural episode of Getting Stoked, Matt sits down with songwriter, fingerboarder and best friend, the vocalist of Phantom Party, Josh Capati.


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