#42: Playboy Manbaby & Celebration Guns


Joining us on this incredible superhero team-up, are Playboy Manbaby lead vocalist, Robbie Pfeffer and Celebration Guns lead vocalist/guitarist Justin Weir. Playboy Manbaby are currently one of the most popular bands in Phoenix, playing Vans Warped Tour, Lost Lake Festival and a multitude of other high profile shows since their start in 2011. Celebration Guns, who have been on the show before, are another high velocity force in Phoenix, who have been delighting and moving fans with their bright, catchy and ethereally melodic tunes for years. Both have amazing stories, both have incredible insight and they are both fiendishly attractive. You can find their music on all major streaming platforms, and they both have vinyl more than likely available in most PHX record stores and definitely on their websites. CHECK IT OUT!