Apr 15, 2018

#42: Playboy Manbaby & Celebration Guns

Joining us on this incredible superhero team-up, are Playboy Manbaby lead vocalist, Robbie Pfeffer and Celebration Guns lead vocalist/guitarist Justin Weir. Playboy Manbaby are currently one of the most popular bands in Phoenix, playing Vans Warped Tour, Lost Lake Festival and a multitude of other high profile shows since their start in 2011. Celebration Guns, who have been on the show before, are another high velocity force in Phoenix, who have been delighting and moving fans with their bright, catchy and ethereally melodic tunes for years. Both have amazing stories, both have incredible insight and they are both fiendishly attractive. You can find their music on all major streaming platforms, and they both have vinyl more than likely available in most PHX record stores and definitely on their websites. CHECK IT OUT!


Apr 9, 2018

#41: Holy Fawn

Holy Fawn is a Phoenix indie-rock band fronted by Ryan Osterman. Their sound has been described as, "bury yourself alive" and "the taste of moss." Their new single, "Arrows" is available now on all major streaming platforms. 


Apr 2, 2018

#40: Frequency Within

Frequency Within is a hard rock band from Los Angeles who have recently signed to Die Laughing Records. Their new single, "Coma" is available now through all major streaming platforms, as well as their debut album, "Blissfullmess."


Mar 25, 2018

#39: Sundressed

Sundressed is a pop/punk band from Phoenix AZ led by Trevor Hedges who have built an incredible following over the last few years. They have toured the country multiple times and their newest album, "A Little Less Put Together" is available everywhere now. Thanks to Trevor for coming on the show! 


Mar 21, 2018

#38: Good Samaritan

Good Samaritan is a spoken word artist from Phoenix who has been gaining massive support and popularity in large part due to his dedication to the craft, emotional and thought provoking lyrics & wonderful live performances. His latest album, "God is a Starving Artist" is available on Spotify now. 


Mar 19, 2018

#37: Fairy Bones

Matthew Foos is the drummer for the legendary Phoenix band, Fairy Bones. Their new album, "0% Fun" as well as their previous full length album, "Dramabot" are available everywhere now!


Mar 12, 2018

#36: Baseline

Baseline is quickly becoming one of Phoenix's fasting rising pop punk bands. Their most recent single, "Garden" as well as their debut EP, "Not In The World, But Inside My Head" are available on Bandcamp, iTunes and Apple Music. 


Mar 4, 2018

#35: El West

Thomas Brenneman, guitarist of El West joins the show this week and it was a blast! El West is a Phoenix Alternative Rock band whose music is characterized by euphoric guitarts and deep, operatic vocals. You can find their music on Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp! 


Feb 25, 2018

#34: Bear Ghost

Bear Ghost is a Phoenix alternative rock band who blends theatrical, disney-esque melodies with energetic, lyrical hard rock. Their full length album, "Blasterpiece" won Phoenix New Times' album of the year in 2016. Their album as well as their debut EP, "Your Parents Are Only Marginally Disappointed With Your Musical Taste" are available everywhere now. 


Feb 21, 2018

#33: Naveen Borojerdi

Naveen Borojerdi is a Phoenix music scene personality who has decided to throw together a music compilation to raise money for those effected by the recent school shooting in South Florida, where he is from. He is also in the band, Acne Superstar, who you can find on bandcamp.com, as well as his new compilation, "For Stoneman Douglas: A Benefit Compilation."


Feb 18, 2018

#32: YabYum (Carly Danger & Mark Anderson)

YabYum is an American resource center and blog run by Carly Danger & Mark Anderson. From online reviews of artists all over the country, to podcasts, radio shows and award ceremonies, these guys have been on the pulse of the Phoenix music scene for years. 


Feb 12, 2018

#31: The Breaking Pattern

Derek Hackman is the lead singer of Phoenix indie/pop band, The Breaking Pattern. Their new EP, "...And Suddenly, Nothing Becomes Everything" is available now. He is also the host of the podcast Wine Wednesday. 


Feb 8, 2018

#30: Nick Giasullo

Nick Giasullo is a Phoenix comedian from Billerica Massachusetts who has been working the comedy scene for years. 


Feb 4, 2018

#29: T.O.S.O.

T.O.S.O. is a Phoenix alternative rock band known for their unique and theatrical live shows. Their new EP, "The Cleanse" comes out February 8th, 2018.


Jan 28, 2018

#28: Lifelink

Lifelink is a Phoenix hardcore band who are quickly becoming one of the biggest names in Arizona. Joining the show on this episode is vocalist, Luke Blanchard and guitarist Kamran Oskouie. Their new album, "Love Lost" is out now via Innerstrength Records. 


Jan 21, 2018

#27: Wylie Tilson (Birthmarks)

Homelessness, substance abuse, abusive relationships, redemption and My Chemical Romance. It's all here, and much more, with "Birthmarks" podcast host, Wylie Tilson.


Jan 15, 2018

#26: Brandon Kellum (American Standards)

Brandon Kellum is a the lead singer of the legendary Phoenix metalcore band, "American Standards." He also heads "Heart Shaped Canvas," a nonprofit organization that raise funds to organizations such as The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the American Cancer Society. 


Dec 24, 2017

#25: Christmas Special (Feat. Dylan Stutte)

I was going to do a proper Christmas episode involving in-depth lists of my favorite Christmas albums and movies, but then I thought....Fuck Christmas. I’m burnt out of this shit. Let’s just have some fun, but with some Christmas sprinkled throughout. So here we are! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!


Dec 17, 2017

#24: Echo Gillette

Echo Gillette is a popular YouTube personality and artist whose channel currently holds over 250,000 subscribers with multiple videos hitting over a million views. She's also my neighbor. I hope you enjoy it! 


Dec 11, 2017

#23: Your Friendly Neighborhood Norseman

Cody Delay is a pagan who guides his life by way of the Norse Viking Gods. He is also one of the sweetest, most endearing people I know. I got to talking with him months ago, as he is my upstairs neighbor, and ever since have wanted to get this guy's voice out there. I don't agree with his beliefs, but I fucking love that he believes in them. Thanks, Cody! 


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