Dec 11, 2017

#23: Your Friendly Neighborhood Norseman

Cody Delay is a pagan who guides his life by way of the Norse Viking Gods. He is also one of the sweetest, most endearing people I know. I got to talking with him months ago, as he is my upstairs neighbor, and ever since have wanted to get this guy's voice out there. I don't agree with his beliefs, but I fucking love that he believes in them. Thanks, Cody! 


Nov 30, 2017

#22: Sun System

Sun System is a shoegaze band from Phoenix AZ who deliver blends of dense production, ethereal reverb and relevant lyrics. Cory and Curt from the band join us to discuss (amongst many other things) their new EP, “Strange Ways We Meet,” available 12/01/17.


Nov 27, 2017

#21: Seasonal Depression (Solo Podcast)

In November of 2008, I was admitted to a psychiatric facility with a dozen other teenagers with depression and anxiety. This was one of my most important, memorable and emotionally vivid times of my life. The lessons I learned in that winter were immense, and I have never shaken the sentimental value of the music I was listening to at the time. Some of it is good, most of it is embarrassing, but it is all equally important to me. In this episode, I recount that winter and the albums that got me through. Thanks to everyone who listens to this show. <3  


Nov 12, 2017

#20: Alex LeBlanc

Alex LeBlanc is the guitarist/vocalist in Sonoran Chorus and an old friend going all the way back to Sophomore year of high school. In the episode we discuss his role in Sonoran Chorus, their hiatus and return as well as numerous stories surrounding their high school shenanigans. You can find their music on bandcamp now!


Nov 5, 2017

#19: The Sink or Swim

The Sink or Swim is an Alternative Rock band from Phoenix AZ.  They began working the local scene after re-locating from Ohio, and have since been hustling as hard as anyone could. Since 2015, they have released two EP's, "Fish Out of Water" and "High Tides," as well as three recent singles, "Arizona," "Dopamine" and "Life After Midnight;" the latter of which coming off their upcoming EP, "Oasis Unknown." All of their music is available on Spotify and Amazon!


Oct 29, 2017

#18: Aerico

Aerico is a noise band from Phoenix AZ made up of Sean Rooney, Cameron Werner and Josh Luke. Their new EP "Nexus" is availble on Bandcamp, as well as their debut, "Cambion." 


Oct 22, 2017

#17: Celebration Guns

Celebration Guns are in Indie-Pop band from Phoenix AZ who have been extremely active for the last few years. Their latest EP, "The Me That Used To Be" was featured on Showtime's "Shameless" and is available on vinyl as well as on Spotify, Bandcamp and iTunes! 


Oct 16, 2017

#16: Human Kitten

Human Kitten is a singer/songwriter living in Tuscon AZ branding his own kind of folk-punk with lyrics concerning mental illness, depression, anxiety and his own personal struggles. His new album, "Velvet Waltz" is out October 31st, 2017. You can hear the rest of his material on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp now! 


Sep 20, 2017

#15: The Re-Stoke

SOLO PODCAST! In this episode I talk about the future of Getting Stoked and a few of my current favorite local releases! Featured are: Glencove, Constellations, Diners and Concertina. 


May 31, 2017

#14: Second Go!

Second Go! is a Pop/Punk band from Phoenix AZ. Their new EP, "A Static Standstill" is availble on Bandcamp and Spotify.


May 14, 2017

#13: Jen Capati

Jen Capati is a Phoenix based comedienne, currently working open mics and clubs across the state. 


Apr 18, 2017

#12: Troubled Minds

Troubled Minds is an Emo/Indie/Punk band from Phoenix AZ. Their debut EP "Something Worth Saving" is available now. 


Mar 30, 2017

#11: Zero Degrees North

Zero Degrees North is an extraordinarily enthusiastic "Geek Punk" band from Chandler(ish) Arizona. Their new EP, "The Life of Randy Randallson" is available now, as well as their first full length album, "Mandatory Story Time." 


Mar 26, 2017

#10: Gil Rodriguez

Gil Rodriguez is the frontman behind The Ghost In The Willow and punk rock band, The Combat Medic. Ghost In The Willow is currently working on a release, but his self titled EP is available now on It's also fucking great. 


Mar 14, 2017

#9: Austin Cooper

Austin Cooper is the drummer of Phantom Party and lead singer/guitarist of The Calm Decomposed.


Mar 5, 2017

#8: Sam Etling

Sam Etling is the singer/songwriter of the band Broke Hearts & Body Parts. Their EP "A Roof High Enough" is available now!


Feb 28, 2017

#7: Hotrock Supajoint

Hotrock Supajoint is a rapper, comedian, businessman and producer from Phoenix AZ. His most recent release, "Chakra Khan" is available now. 


Feb 24, 2017

6: Oliver Lemke

Oliver Lemke is the singer of Soft Deadlines, an art-rock band from Phoenix AZ. Their new album, "Go Dark" is available now.


Feb 17, 2017

#5: Good Grief & Austin Cooper

Good Grief is an emo 2 piece from "East Mesa" AZ, consisting of Drummer Curt Bryan and Guitar/Vocalist Cameron Graves. Austin Cooper is the drummer for Phantom Party as well as frontman of The Calm Decomposed.


Feb 11, 2017

#4: Anthony Fama

Anthony Fama is the singer/songwriter of The Redemptions and formerly of Doctor Bones. 


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