#14: Second Go!

May 31, 2017

Second Go! is a Pop/Punk band from Phoenix AZ. Their new EP, "A Static Standstill" is availble on Bandcamp and Spotify.


#13: Jen Capati

May 14, 2017

Jen Capati is a Phoenix based comedienne, currently working open mics and clubs across the state. 


#12: Troubled Minds

April 18, 2017

Troubled Minds is an Emo/Indie/Punk band from Phoenix AZ. Their debut EP "Something Worth Saving" is available now. 


#11: Zero Degrees North

March 30, 2017

Zero Degrees North is an extraordinarily enthusiastic "Geek Punk" band from Chandler(ish) Arizona. Their new EP, "The Life of Randy Randallson" is available now, as well as their first full length album, "Mandatory Story Time." 


#10: Gil Rodriguez

March 26, 2017

Gil Rodriguez is the frontman behind The Ghost In The Willow and punk rock band, The Combat Medic. Ghost In The Willow is currently working on a release, but his self titled EP is available now on Bandcamp.com. It's also fucking great. 


#9: Austin Cooper

March 14, 2017

Austin Cooper is the drummer of Phantom Party and lead singer/guitarist of The Calm Decomposed.


#8: Sam Etling

March 5, 2017

Sam Etling is the singer/songwriter of the band Broke Hearts & Body Parts. Their EP "A Roof High Enough" is available now!


#7: Hotrock Supajoint

February 28, 2017

Hotrock Supajoint is a rapper, comedian, businessman and producer from Phoenix AZ. His most recent release, "Chakra Khan" is available now. 


6: Oliver Lemke

February 24, 2017

Oliver Lemke is the singer of Soft Deadlines, an art-rock band from Phoenix AZ. Their new album, "Go Dark" is available now.


#5: Good Grief & Austin Cooper

February 17, 2017

Good Grief is an emo 2 piece from "East Mesa" AZ, consisting of Drummer Curt Bryan and Guitar/Vocalist Cameron Graves. Austin Cooper is the drummer for Phantom Party as well as frontman of The Calm Decomposed.